Why 52-series?

Necole’s 52-series was built to tackle bigger learning goals, by breaking them down into 52-weeks of easily digestible content, or what we call pathways.

How does the 52-Series work?

Pick A Syllabus

Select a 52-series syllabus that matches your departmental needs or business goals. (eg: Leadership, Technology, Sales and Marketing, Youth Development).

Enroll Employees

Once you’ve selected the suitable 52-series programme, enrol your team or employees via Necole.

52-Week Content Begins

Your employees will begin receiving nudges from Necole to engage them in content delivered by the weekly learning pathways.

Get Insights & Reports

Throughout the progress of the 52-Series, you’ll be able to monitor your team’s progress, engagement scores, and completion rate, and nudge them back on track if needed.


L52: Leadership & Development


T52: Emerging Technologies


Y52: Youth Development

Coming soon

W52: Wellness

Coming soon

E52: Business Development

Coming soon

Want to use the 52-Series
in your company?

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