What is the Accelerator series?

Necole Accelerator series provides a proven framework for you to deliver effective skill training. The Accelerator Series aims to … 

to provide the platform, experts and syllabuses to upskill participants by providing a wholesome digital blended learning experience of knowledge, application and context.

to provide the means to create a community by building a safe private space for participants to collaborate and engage in discussions while learning.

to serve as a knowledge bank by retaining, sharing, developing and creating a tacit knowledge repository through learner action.

What are the Accelerator’s learning components?

The 3 learning components that help make up the skilling ingredients within the Accelerator Series.

Knowledge & Comprehension from our 52 series Topics

Applicative Learning anchored on WEF’s Top 10 Skill of 2025

Supported by our Necole Experts & Subject Matter Experts.

How does the Accelerator series work?

Build Knowledge & Comprehension

Employees go through weekly guided e-learning pathways with quizzes and action plans assigned to them according to chosen Accelerator Series.

Live Learning Session & Live Q&A Session

Employees learn application examples through 1 hour live feature session & 1 hour Q&A session with industry experts.

Embed Reflection & Context

Employees take a reflective journey of contextual learning with accountability tools and learner driven actions or assignments.

What is the overall process?

Pick A Syllabus

Select a Accelerator Series syllabus that matches your departmental needs or business goals. (eg: People Management, Innovation, Strategic Orientation and Business Communication).

Enroll Employees

Once you’ve selected the suitable Accelerator Series programme, enrol your team or employees via Necole.

Contextual Learning Begins

Your employees will begin a planned programme receiving nudges from Necole to engage them in content delivered during the Accelerator Series.

Get Insights & Reports

Throughout the progress of the Accelerator Series, you’ll be able to monitor your team’s progress, engagement scores, and completion rate, and nudge them back on track if needed.

Available Accelerator series Syllabus

Ready to Accelerate your Organisations and Teams Skills?

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