Are You Attracting the Right Talent?

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Attracting top talent in highly competitive job markets is one of HR’s biggest challenges. It becomes trickier when many companies are all looking for these talents who are self-motivated, experienced, equipped with the right skill sets, and able to adapt to company culture quickly. Here are a few ways we can suggest to help you attract the right talent:

 1) Establish a Clear Employer Brand

According to Link Humans, 72% of leaders in the recruitment field worldwide agree that solid brand identity significantly impacts hiring. That being said, it is well known that companies like Facebook, Google and Tesla are some of the most sought-after employers for potential job seekers, according to LinkedIn. The reason behind it is as simple as brand equity. Each of these organizations is easily recognizable for the brand’s perceived value and not just for the products they sell.

If your company has a strong brand identity, there is a good chance that a candidate may already be familiar with who you are and will then decide whether they should engage with you.

2) Create Killer Job Posts

Job postings are often your chance of making the first impression with your talents. Vague job postings will drive away potential candidates, whereas a clear explanation of the role, responsibilities and qualifications will allow candidates to evaluate themselves before they approach you.

Communicate your company’s through your job posting so that the candidate can decide whether your company culture matches what they are looking for. If candidates can envision themselves fitting in with your company pursuing an opportunity, it will be more enticing.

3) Improve Your Interview Process

Candidates will appreciate a smooth and efficient interview process which will make your hiring strategy stand out. It can be done by simply making the most of each conversation with a potential candidate.

According to a 2019 LinkedIn report, 92% of hiring managers said soft skills are more important than technical skills, while 89% said terrible hires typically lack these skills. Bearing this in mind, do remember to have conversations that allow you to gain insights into the candidates.

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