How To Become A Resilient Leader?

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Resilience is one of the essential qualities that a leader can have. Challenging times present unique challenges, and resilient leaders can better navigate these challenges and bounce back from difficulty. The following are several essential qualities that resilient leaders demonstrate in challenging times:

1) Empathy

Leaders should demonstrate a genuine interest in their team members by putting themselves in their employees’ shoes to communicate effectively with them. It is imperative in difficult times. It enables them to better understand their current situation before providing support and help to them.

2) Skilled at Triage

During difficult times, it’s also crucial to accurately assess the various situations in terms of business and operating activities. It is suggested to establish a network of influential local leaders who can share the topic in-depth such as the impact of the turbulent times and sentiments of stakeholders. It includes employees, clients, and suppliers. It’ll be important that leaders extend their professional network.

3) Decisive

Decisive leaders must be able to make good decisions that are time-sensitive, well-informed, and clear. They need to take swift actions to ensure their employees’ and societies’ physical, mental, and financial health are not at stake. Also, they must convey their messages with clarity and confidence, without causing others to second-guess their decisions.

4) Be Transparent At The Outset

While confidentiality is crucial, leaders should be transparent about the current business situation while painting a compelling picture that motivates their employees. They might be surprised that their employees can provide solutions that leaders may not have considered earlier. Open communication helps to foster a positive company culture as employees understand the bigger picture and how their efforts contribute to the organization’s long-term goals.

A crisis is a great training ground for resilient leadership. Once the fire is within control, leaders can also ponder whether there should be a job redesign among their employees to help them become more resilient. Special attention can be paid to outstanding employees who believe they can lead the organization in future crises.

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