To facilitate systematic learning of our leadership concepts, L52 pathways are levelled according to the 3 stages of leadership. L52 journey subscribers will be introduced to the journey in gradually increasing difficulty level.


52 weeks

Suitable For: 

Professionals who are looking to understand the concepts of leading, influencing and managing people to produce positive outcomes.

Foundational Leadership
Value Formation Value formation is about identifying and setting your values and beliefs. A focus on ethics, integrity and humility to help develop your character

Identify and learn more about your personality and how it affects your approach in life.

Motivation Understand what motivates you in life and how to stay motivated even in the midst of challenges.

Recognise what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to be the authentic you.

Understanding Emotions

Learn how to identify the different types of human emotions and what they mean.

Self Regulation After identifying emotions, we take you through on how to manage your own emotions.
Relationship Management Now that you know how to manage your own emotions, we show you how to manage the emotions of those around you.
Growth Mindset Explore a world of endless learning possibilities by adopting a growth mindset.
Abundance Mindset Make a mindset shift from always thinking “There is not enough” to “There is more than enough”.
Agile Mindset In a world that is constantly changing, learn how to adopt a mindset that will help you keep up with changes.
Personal Development Plan Learn how to create a plan for your own personal development and to follow through with it.
Times and Task Management The most common problem we face is that there is not enough time to complete our task. Learn how to overcome this through this pathway.
Stress Management Stress is one of the main contributors to low performance. Learn how to identify what is causing you stress and how to handle it.
Creative Thinking Learn how to look at a situation from another perspective which enables us to find alternative ways to solve a problem.
Critical Thinking Learn how to objectively analyse and evaluate any issue with critical thinking skills.
Decisiveness Gain the ability to make decisions fast and effectively.
Emerging Leadership
Introduction to Communication An overview of the different types of communication and their purpose.
Listening Effectively A big part of communication is the ability to listen. Understand how to apply listening skills to your communication.
Writing Effectively Learn the difference between business writing and personal writing and when to apply them.
Speaking Effectively Learn the different speaking techniques to an effective conversation.
Presenting Effectively Learn to overcome the fear of public speaking and develop relevant presentation skills.
Business Storytelling Learn how to captivate your customers with the art of business storytelling. 
Digital Communication Recognise how communication is developing over time and learn how to keep up with it. 
Bonding with Others Overcome the fear of vulnerability and being open to bond with others.
Empathetic Communication Learn how to communicate empathetically with people. 
Courageous Conversations Learn how to initiate and hold uncomfortable conversations in situations that require it.
Negotiation Skills Learn how to gain and use the power of influence and the art of diplomacy.
Collaborating Effectively Learn how to steer and align a team through collaborative effort to work toward achieving the same goal.
Leadership Styles Identify the different leadership styles and how to use each style contextually. 
Becoming a Manager Learn what it takes to be a manager, including mastering the skills to set team goals and responsibilities, as well as tracking team performance.
Managing Team Engagement Learn how to motivate and encourage your team to give their best at work by engaging their heart and mind.
Managing Team Processes Learn how to conduct team meetings effectively and delegate tasks fairly.
Managing Team Decision Learn to develop the skill to manage team conflict and exercise judgment in decision-making.
Coaching and Mentoring Learn how to use coaching and mentoring as a strategic aspect of your leadership role.
Project Management Learn the fundamentals of project management practices and their related processes.
Executional Leadership
Executive Presence Learn how to represent your organisation appropriately as you also communicate your personal leadership style to others.
Business Networking Learn the basic fundamentals of business networking and the art of making connections.
Change Management In any business, change is inevitable. Learn how to manage change from a business perspective.
Data Analytics Learn the fundamentals of data analytics in your company and the benefits of doing so.
Diversity and Inclusion Learn how to lead a multicultural and multigenerational team.
Organisation Identity Learn how to answer the question: “Who are we as an organisation?” and how it affects individual behaviours and vice versa. 
Organisation Culture Understand the importance of having the right culture for the company and how to set one.
Organisation Performance Management Learn how to drive an organisation-wide performance.
Organisation Design Learn how to shape your organisation to maximise its effectiveness and adaptive capacity by deciding on the most appropriate organisational structure.
Operations Excellence Learn how to set effective operations in place which would lead to excellent results.
Customer Centricity Learn the art of providing a ‘wow’ experience for your customers.
Innovation Continuously challenge the organisation with the ability to innovate.
Business Acumen Learn how to see the big picture on how business runs in your company and recognise how business decisions can affect the bottom line.
Strategic Thinking Learn how to create a strategic vision that will inspire and empower your organisation.
Strategic Planning Learn how you can start to plan a direction of your present business to a future path.
Digital Transformation Learn how to enable your business to adapt in the ever-changing world of technology. 
Business Sustainability Know how your business and its economic activity impact our planet and societies.


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