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Are you a fresh graduate, a victim of retrenchment or just an individual that has not been employed for the past two months? How has it been for you to land a job during this unprecedented time?

Everywhere you apply no longer questions your loyalty to the company but, the question you on the skills that you bring to the table. The thing with skills is that your undergrad school or previous employer has already equipped you with the basic ones that they need you to utilize as you’re working with them. What about reskilling and upskilling yourself? What about skills and knowledge that will help you climb the corporate ladder? That is a question that many struggling individuals have in mind.

As we are hungry to land jobs to make sure we have something to sustain, have we given a thought on how we can effectively upscale ourselves? Sure, the saying goes “beggars can’t be choosers” but isn’t it utterly important for us to pick and choose the right curriculum that will help us elevate ourselves?

MDEC has become a beacon of hope to those of you who are relentlessly looking for answers to the questions above. How so you may ask. MDEC had recently announced an initiative called MyDigitalWorkforce Work in Tech (MYWiT). The initiative focuses on helping employers to hire talent with digital-skill training and salary incentives. MYWiT incentivizes employers to hire Malaysians for digital tech and services jobs via salary and training subsidies. The incentive is funded by the Government of Malaysia to encourage employers to provide job opportunities to unemployed citizens.

MDEC also provides a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform which is listed on the Digital Skills Training Directory and offers a wide range of digital tech courses. These platforms have been reviewed and endorsed by industry experts to guide you in your digital reskilling and upskilling journey.

Organizations like Leaderonomics Digital joined hands with MDEC to further provide job opportunities and training mediums for jobseekers. Employees that join Leaderonomics Digital are given access to its learning and development app, Necole to reskill and upskill themselves. Employees are encouraged to go through a specially curated syllabus under the Technology52 (T52) product to further elevate their knowledge and skills on technology-related materials. For further information on how you too can provide such opportunities to deserving individuals, feel free to visit this website: Remember, it’s all our duty to empower our people.


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