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Expert defined content framework for all levels in the organisation developed in conjunction with the London School of Sales, an established sales training academy based in the UK covering : Foundation In Sales, The Sales Person, The Sale, The Sales Team.


52 weeks

Suitable For:

Sales professionals who are looking to sharpen their sales skill towards the desired business results.

Foundations of Sales
Demystifying Sales This pathway provides the reader a high level introduction to sales.
Sales Function Learn about the sales function and its role in the organization.
Sales Cycle Gain an understanding of the sales cycle, and elements that affect it. 
Golden Rules in Sales This pathway introduces the reader to the golden rules in sales.
Sales Audience Learn about the sales audiences that a sales person will be interacting with.
The Sales Person
Selling to Different Personality Types This pathway introduces the reader to personality and its effects on sales.
EQ in Sales Learn about the different aspects of emotional intelligence and their importance in sales.
Sales Mindset  Learn about the mindset that empowers high performance in sales.
Selling Yourself  Learn about why selling yourself matters in sales. 
Sales Competencies Learn about competencies that are important to have in sales. 
Creative Thinking for Sales Discover why creative thinking is an indispensable tool in the sales process. 
8C’s of Communication  Learn about the 8C model of communication. 
Sales Writing Skills  Understand strategies and rules for effective sales writing.
Body Language for Sales Discover how body language can influence the outcome of a sales process. 
Sales Presentation Skills Learn about the sales facilitation, as well as how to present effectively in sales.
Art of Sales Questioning  Discover why questioning is important in sales, and learn to ask effective questions. 
Storytelling for Sales Find out how storytelling can add to the sales process. 
Networking for Sales  Discover the importance of networking in sales, and learn about some best practices behind effective networking. 
Social Selling Learn about the why and how behind social selling. 
The Sale
Buyer Person  Discover how creating buyer persons can help you target more effectively in sales.
Prospecting Learn about the process of prospecting, as well as how to protect effectively.
Pipeline Management  Learn about pipeline management in sales. 
Metrics and Forecasting  Learn about how to measure performance in sales, as well as forecast sales. 
CRM Management  Discover how you can use CRMs to effectively manage sales pipelines.
First Customer Meeting Learn about how you can prepare for the first customer meeting.
Selling: The Next Step Learn about “the next step” in sales, and how to maintain commitment and move sales forward.
Handling Objections Learn how to effectively handle objections in sales.
Maintaining Urgency Find out why maintaining urgency is important, and how to do it.
Focusing on Pain Points Learn about pain points, and how they can drive a buyer to act.
Decision Making for Sales Learn about the decision making process in sales and how to influence it.
Competitive Advantage Learn about competitive advantages, and how to use them to create a positive sales outcome.
Sales Negotiation  Learn about negotiation in sales, and how you can negotiate effectively.
Non-negotiable and Tradeable Learn abut non-negotiables as well as tradeables and how to use them in sales discussions.
Closing the Sale Learn about the what and how behind closing the sale.
Opportunity Management  Learn about validating, planning and managing sales opportunities. 
Amount Management Basics Understand the basics of the account management function.
Renewal / Upgrade Management  Learn about renewal and upgrade management.
Account Management Metrics  Understand the important metrics related to account management.
Relationship Management Learn how to manage and maintain relationships in account management.
Partnership Review Planning Learn about how to perform partnership review planning effectively.
The Sales Team 
Sales Manager Competencies Discover important competencies required of sales managers.
Onboarding Planning – New Starters Learn how to onboard new members into the sales team effectively.
Sales Team Administration Learn how to administer the sales team effectively.
Sales Team Meetings Discover how you can run effective sales team meetings.
Understanding Your Habits / Routines Understand habits, routines and how they can make or break your sales career.
Sales Decision Making  Learn about the difference elements in the decision making, an how to make the best decisions.
Managing Under Pressure  Learn how to mange a sales team while under pressure.
Sales Team Motivation  Discover how you can engage and motivate a sales team.
Sales Team Growth  Learn about growing a sales team.
Team Objectives Discover how you can address and manage objections and difficult conversations when working with sales team members.
Sales Team Conflict Management Learn about effective conflict management and resolution.
Change Management for Sales Learn about best practices related to managing change in sales.


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