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Expert defined content framework for all levels in the organization, T52 is made up of 4 incremental dimensions which are: Digital Transformation, Foundational Technologies, Emerging Technologies, and Digital Leadership.


52 weeks

Suitable For: 

Professionals who are looking to understand new technologies that are vital for organisational decision making.

Digital Transformation
IR 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution This pathway focuses on introducing IR 4.0, understanding its impact and how we can adapt to excel in this era.
Digital Disruption Learn about digital disruption,  understand its importance and how to capitalize on this change.
Digital Society Understanding what the digital society is comprised of, its characteristics and the importance of being a part of the digital society.
Emerging Technologies This pathway explores the emerging technologies that are present now and newer ones that have great potential to enhance lives.
Foundational Technologies
Introduction to Cloud Computing

This pathway provides a fundamental introduction to Cloud Computing and understanding its components.

Understanding Cloud Computing Learn more about Cloud Computing through identifying different forms of Cloud Computing. 
Elements of Cloud Computing Learn about the tools that are involved in Cloud Computing and how to master and apply them.
Cloud Computing changing the future Learn and explore about the application of Cloud Computing and its future enhancements.
Introduction to Web & Mobile Technology Learn about the development of web and mobile technologies and the definition of its technology.
Understanding Web & Mobile Technology Identify and understand the different types of design and programming involved in Web & Mobile Technology.
Elements of Web & Mobile Technology Gain an in depth understanding of how Web & Mobile Technology is used for specific purposes and how to develop these technologies.
Web & Mobile Technology changing the future Learn about the future of Web & Mobile technologies and how it can be applied in other emerging technologies.
Introduction to Big Data Learn about Big Data and its characteristics and recognise the challenges it may have.
Understanding Big Data Learn about the different types of processes and concepts involved in Big Data and exploring its purposes.
Elements of Big Data Understand the applications of Big Data, the processes behind the technology and how to develop Big Data engineering skills.
Big Data Changing the Future Explore the future of Big Data and its relation to other emerging technologies and its impact on data. 
Introduction to Cyber Security Introduction to Cybersecurity and understand its impact on industries and emerging technologies.
Understanding Cyber Security Understand the importance of Cybersecurity, different types of security designs and learn how to protect data from threats.
Elements of Cyber Security Learn how security systems are approved and applied in technology and how to use this knowledge to improve our lives.
Cyber Security changing the future Gain a clearer perspective on how AI is used to implement cybersecurity and learn about the future enhancement of this technology.
Emerging Technologies
RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Introduction to RPA, defining it and learning how it is applied in the real world.  
Understanding RPA Learn how to apply RPA and how to overcome the challenges emerging from RPA.
Elements of RPA Learn about the tools used in RPA, how to use them effectively and understand how RPA fits into the work industry.
RPA changing the future Explore the applications of RPA in many areas and how it can integrated in our lives.
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) This pathway defines what AI is, explains its functions and how AI will shape the future.
Understanding AI Learn about the different types and forms of AI and how it is used.
Elements of AI Learn about the implementations of AI with different technologies and how to improve skills in AI development.
AI changing the future Explore the different application of AI and its connection to other emerging technologies.
Introduction to Blockchain Understand the components and processes involved in blockchain on a deeper level.
Understanding Blockchain Learn how to initiate and hold uncomfortable conversations in situations that require it.
Elements of Blockchain Explore and study the different types of blockchain and how to get involved in blockchain.
Blockchain changing the future Learn about the integration of other emerging technologies into blockchain and future trends.
Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) This pathway introduces IOT, its applications and understanding the hazards that come along with its use.
Understanding IoT Gain a comprehensive understanding of the systems and structures involved in IOT.
Elements of IoT Explore the different types of computing and tools used in IOT and how to improve IOT engineering skills.
The emerging application if IoT Learn about the applications of IOT in various industries, future predictions and its connection to emerging technologies.  
Introduction to Robotics Understand the definition of robotics and explore the differences between it and other robotic/automated systems along with its hazards.
Understanding Robotics Understand the core components of robots and the level of autonomy it possesses.
Elements of Robotics Explore the application of robotics, its requirements to function and how to become a robotics engineer.
The emerging application of Robotics Explore the future application of robotics in the various industry and learn about its connection to other emerging technologies.
Introduction to 3D Printing An introduction to 3D printing and learning about its applications and its challenges.
Understanding 3D Printing Explore the different types of technology used in 3D printing along with the challenges in the current stage.
Elements of 3D Printing Understand the important components of 3D printing and learning the requirements to be a 3D printing interest.
3D Printing changing the future Explore the future of 3D printing and discover how it functions with other emerging technologies.
Introduction to Virtual Reality Learn about VR, its differences from other technologies and the challenges that emerge.
Understanding Virtual Reality Understanding the components of used in VR and the requirements of hardware.
Elements of Virtual Reality Learn about the practices, tools of VR and how to develop this technology.
Virtual Reality Changing the Future Understand the need of VR in the future and its connection to other emerging technologies.
Digital Leadership
Digital Leadership Learn about the characteristics of Digital Leadership and understand its importance.
Digital Organisation Discover digital maturity and appropriate culture within organisations.
Change Management This pathway focuses on understanding Change Management and its importance.
The emerging workforce Learn about the about the future of the workforce and how to manage it.


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