The Secrets To Retaining Millenial Talent

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The job market is definitely heating up with the millennials moving up to leadership positions, whereas some of the Gen Zers are just starting out in the workforce. Millennials are also known as the job-hopping generation, and there is a reason behind this. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, for Millennials (aged 25–40) the average length of time spent in a job is two years and nine months. Employers are now trying to understand millennials’ motivations, expectations and needs in order to attract, engage and keep them in their organisations. In this article, we will be focusing on millennials and how companies can retain these talents.

1) Improve Internal Communications
Millennials are known to be social butterflies, and they want to be engaged in many aspects of the business continuously. Millennials want to stay informed; hence, employers will need to work on boosting their internal communications to improve their productivity.

You may wonder why communication is vital for Millennials. The way Millennials communicate (texting, tweeting, liking and ‘Facetime’) is now real-time and continuous. This strongly contributes to how they engage in the workplace as they are accustomed to constant communication and feedback. Adding to this point, a survey conducted by Smarp has proved that employees who have mobile access to workplace technology are also more productive. Necole, for example, can be an enabler for employees to share their learning materials for their presentations or projects with their colleagues seamlessly. Given the options of creating group chats as they take up certain learning journeys, collaborative projects could not get any easier.


2) Digitalise
As mentioned before, the Millennials are a generation that has adopted technology more than any generations before. That being said, employers now need to adjust to that trend. Employers need to figure out a way to replace typical plain excel sheets with modern employee apps that can provide a completely new digital employee experience which significantly impacts employee engagement and productivity.

3) Support learning and development

Employers who encourage employee development have been found to have lower turnover rates. Millennials want to advance and learn new things to progress in their careers. In addition to teaching them new hard skills, employers have to invest in teaching millennials personal and interpersonal skills such as communication, patience, coping with pressure, and being a team player. Given that the millennials are a generation that loves their digital screens, learning via mobile application or website should come in handy as digital learning platforms like Necole is available on both mobile and desktop versions. Workplace mentors or managers can now easily assign learning journeys to share knowledge and insights with their employees.

In conclusion, it is vital for organisations to understand the new generation and the current generation that is widely dominating the workforce. The secret to an organisation’s success in retaining millennial talents is to improve internal communications to make your employees feel included in your processes, digitalise employee engagement activities and finally, support the learning and development journey of employees. Necole has been curated to cater to all generations coming into the working world and looking for ways to upskill and reskill themselves.


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