Nurturing and Empowering Young Leaders In The New Age

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At Leaderonomics, we have a mission. To grow people into leaders, build communities of love and transform nations by lunchtime, but every journey encounters a storm.

One storm we’ve come across in growing the nation’s youth into leaders is the inherent socioeconomic gap in our society. This has rendered the reach of training and
education to a portion of the population come to a halt. However, no matter how relentless the storm may be, we are too.

About YLP

It started off as a planned project with Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK), an NGO based in Kuala Lumpur, to provide a 1-year leadership programme to the youths they shelter aged between 13 to 17. Over time, realising the potential of the programme, we opened up a fundraising campaign to fund this programme not only limited to the youths under YCK, but also those under other NGOs supporting the B40 and refugee communities of Malaysia.

Did we pull it off? With the help of the public community, YES! 

We were able to collect funds to sponsor a total of 60 underprivileged and refugee youths to partake in YLP.

How does YLP work?

Careful planning has given birth to YLP in the form of a 1-year online programme through our learning app, Necole. Content-wise, we are leveraging off of our specially curated Leaderonomics Club Module 1, courtesy of Leaderonomics Community to provide the youths with the fundamental leadership training they deserve.

This is how our programme looks like on a monthly basis:

We’ve separated every month into 4 parts (4 Sundays) in which we will run 4 different activities respectively.

Week 1

For the first Sunday of the month, we will run Live Coaching sessions in groups with our trained and eager UiTM Faculty of Accountancy volunteers. For each month, the lesson relayed will be different following the syllabus in the Leaderonomics Club Module 1. These sessions will be recorded and uploaded onto Necole for our and participant review. 

Week 2

On the 2nd Sunday, we will be releasing a quiz on the Necole app. Why a quiz? To ensure that the session in the previous week was not for nought! 

Additional learning materials of the month lesson will also be released on this date on Necole in the form of ‘pathways’, an innovative feature on Necole that encourages continuous learning. These will include videos, articles and activities to further enhance the learning of the participants.

Week 3

For the purpose of motivation, on the 3rd Sunday of the month, we will host meet & greet sessions with leaders in the nation. Active engagement and interaction will be highly encouraged as the guest leaders share their experiences with the participants, giving them an invaluable experience not many are blessed with.

Week 4

This last portion of the month will be discussion and bonding sessions with group facilitators. Participants in groups, together with their facilitators, will be having a fun time while discussing their very own ‘Make-A-Difference (MAD) Projects’, an initiative by Leaderonomics to encourage people to carry out projects in a strive to the betterment of society.

As a plus point, we also have prizes in store for exceptional participants!

When will YLP start?

After changes and adjustments and a series of circumstances, we are proud to present that YLP is a programme that will work in 2 phases. 

The first phase, dedicated to the original 20 participants from YCK, which kicked off on the 5th of September 2021.

Phase 2 is slated to commence in the upcoming month of October (probably also on a Sunday). This phase will be for participants from other NGOs in our contacts list.

Are you hooked?

If you are an NGO and are interested in this programme, feel free to hit up our team at and we’ll see if we can set your organisation up with participation slots too! Any queries on the programme are also welcome.

For more information on MAD projects we promote, head on to our Facebook or Instagram page @mad.mvmt.

Here’s to another successful programme!


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