How Can HR Enable Your Business Recovery?

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As we enter the Next Normal, many organizations are eager to accelerate their business recovery. The pandemics have made us realise how flexible and resilient employees can be upon adapting to innovative working methods. This article will discuss some of the most sought-after skills for HR generalists in ensuring that their talent management and strategies support their current business priorities as they reset themselves this year. Read on and share your thoughts with us!

1) Data Analytics

The ability to translate critical metrics into valuable insights can help HR leaders make data-driven decisions and experiment with the effectiveness of HR policies and various interventions. For instance, HR would identify the root causes of employee turnover by analyzing the data generated from the HR Information System and Performance Management System.

2) Risk Management

Before implementation, HR must be able to forecast the potential risks that these activities may carry. For instance, it is likely some employees may misuse reimbursements and benefits. Therefore, HR must consider the authorities who sign and approve them. Apart from adequate staff training, HR must ensure workplace safety and strict policies and procedures, especially when a pandemic is ongoing.

3) Global Mobility
According to Deloitte, 53% of companies find that aligning mobility with talent strategy is a crucial challenge. HR leaders must develop a robust framework for international deployment that covers employment law and tax requirements, immigration legislation, compensation structure, talent acclimation and retention, assignment policies and legal system. Therefore, HR needs to seek professional advice related to payrolls, such as withholding employee taxes required by the home and host countries.

4) Mental Health
A study conducted by the Centre for Mental Health found that mental health problems cost £1,300 for every employee in the UK economy. Companies that undermine the mental health of their workforce, the risk is not exposed to the employee’s health but also their business’s wealth and the economy’s health as a whole. Therefore, HR needs to take proactive steps in providing support for mental health at work through leadership actions, culture change, policy creation, talent management and training, and more.

5) Actuaries
Actuaries are the guardians of the financial strength of companies due to their data-driven analytics techniques. As a result, they will help improve employee experience while adding value, especially during post pandemics. One of the ways to retain the best employees at work is to offer attractive Compensation and Benefits packages while helping businesses grow together. The right talent in place is one of the tools to measure a company’s success.

Now you have a concise overview of the top five important HR skills, but you should continue seeking upskilling opportunities to sharpen your tools. It will better equip you to lead your HR team and company to another level. 


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